Friday, March 5, 2010

Atlas Shrugged

It's really amazing what people think they deserve. I was just talking about this with my dad the other day. There has become such a sense of entitlement in this country it's disgusting. Many people think they deserve all the latest and greatest shit just because they're alive and in the United States. Yes, you can achieve great things, but you know what? You have to earn them. Many people expect to be handed everything these days, not the least of which is massive amounts of credit. The idiot who takes out a loan for a car he can't afford and can't pay back. These are the new poor people who have it all, including tens or hundreds of thousands in debt. Who has to come up with that money? Apparently you and I, the people who pay taxes, do. With the government handing out bailout money left and right the vultures (looters) swoop in. There was a book written about this type of thing, it's called Atlas Shrugged. This is how it starts.

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